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 Scam Alert: National Magazine Exchange

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Burning Mystery Phoenix

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Scam Alert: National Magazine Exchange Empty
PostSubject: Scam Alert: National Magazine Exchange   Scam Alert: National Magazine Exchange I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 21, 2014 6:13 pm

The National Magazine Exchange ( NME) also known as SDP once a year sends out letters and also call people about a sweepstakes where the winner will get 1,100,000.00 dollars.

There is no prize money to be had, it is a trick in order to sell magazines.
When they talk to people they will mention the sweepstakes however most of the conversation will be about trying to sell magazines only if and when a person agrees to buy magazines from them will they say that that person has been entered into the prize drawing, for get about the sweepstakes rules saying no purchase necessary and purchases do not increase odds of winning, they will won't say a person has entered until a person agrees to buy magazines from them. If a person tells them there not interested in buying magazines from them they will simply say have a good day and hang up.

I will soon post up some links ware ex-employees and consumers alike has spoken out against NME/SDP.

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Scam Alert: National Magazine Exchange
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